How not attract tourism.

I have spent some days in Barcelona with my boyfriend, because we love that great city and we wanted to vitist some friends we have in there. We stayed at Mercer Boria hotel, by the way I strongly recommend you this hotel without any doubt because the people who work there were amazing with us and everything was cleaned and perfect. In fact, we did not spend much time in the hotel because we wanted to do many things with our friends in the city and so on, but anyway the time we spent there was so nice.

One night, I started to hear some strange sounds while I was sleeping. So I started finding where they came from, after several minutes I discovered they came from the pipes behind the walls. The people who work there solved it so quickly so nothing bad happened. The only bad thing about this, is that my boyfriend is afraid of many things, and one of them is listening to strange things during the night. After having solved the problem he could sleep again but it is difficult for him. These sounds, at least, had a reasonable explanation, and at the end, as I said, the staff of the hotel solved it, but I am going to tell you another experience that did not have a reasonable explanation. Three years ago, my boyfriend and me went to a little village in Guadalajara, we just wanted to be far from the big city, far from the sounds, and be in a quiet and calm place to relax ourselves and our minds.

The first day we went to have a walk around the village to visit it and know the peple from there. There is one big castle on the top of a big mountain and this was our hotel. After some years with nobody living there, someone decided to do a hotel inside. While we were having the dinner in a restaurant in the middle of the village, we saw that from there we could see the big castle. We ask the waiter about it, and he told us the story of that castle and in fact, my boyfriend now wishes not having heard it. The point is that in that castle many years ago lived a couple that could not have babies. The women loved children and the thing she wanted most was being a mum. After some years they discovered that the women could not have them because she had a problem in her belly. When she knew it, she became crazy and started to kidnap the children of the village to take care of them.

The inhabiants in the village did not realize that their children were in the castle, and after some years, when they discovered it, it was so late. The women, at the beginning took care for the children but when she saw they cried a lot because they wanted to go with their parents, she started to kill all of them because her madness increased a lot. After that, she killed herself and the husband disappeared. Since that moment, the people in the village say that they can listen to voices from the castle and these voices come from children, the children who lived and died there. Do you imagine what happened after that? Exactly…We could not sleep in that castle, in fact when we went to take the luggage from there, I was talking with the boss of the hotel to explain we wanted to leave it and at the same time my boyfriend went to take our luggade from our room.

When I met him in the car he told me he could listen some babies crying in the room… I do not have explanations for that even if I do not beilieve in that kind of things, but his face was really white, anyway we changed our destination, and we are not going to come back ever again to that village. I do not know if that story happened or not, but if that village want to have tourism they should not tell that kind of things because there are people who believe them.   

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